Halloween in Tunisia…

The celebration of Halloween is a celebration in which ancient and present times are mixed...
In Tunisia,the celebration of Halloween was very wonderful.
In its streets, the treasures and tradition were celebrated. As usual, every country is very dedicated to celebrating Halloween, and it was the first time for me to celebrate and enjoy it.On October 27th, Tunisia celebrated Halloween in its own way with different costumes and varied masks.Everyone was busy mastering masks and the others were interested in the details of their clothes. Many were still selecting clothes suitable for this day. One of them suggested happiness and joy and others depicted burial ceremonies and memorials or conveyed details of  daily life. But it was a really a day filled with vampires and skeletons that danced above the knee, performing at comedy shows and a band of sorcerers displaying its talents to adults and the kids.  
Honestly, this Halloween is distinguishable without any doubt in all its small details and greatness.   

On this day you can only hear the chants of adults and young people, and this is what brings pleasure to my heart!  
This event is unique and I will never forget it!

by Kamroucha K.