Halloween, a very popular festival in the US

Halloween in the United States is a major part of the culture. Around mid-September, the first products make their appearance in stores: you can find costumes of all sorts, tons of candy, and pumpkin everywhere. And I really mean everywhere: on every doorstep, in stores, in the streets… Everyone wants to show that they are the spookiest for Halloween. The decorations start appearing around October 15th, which is when Halloween really begins. Parents are trying their best to find costumes for their kids. Families rely on stores like Costco to buy their candy: my own dad bought a huge bag containing 150 pieces of chocolate of all sorts (needless to say, there are a lot of leftovers at home). And then comes the big day, October 31st. Schools invite their students to come dressed up, even in high school, and kids do it with a lot of enthusiasm. Even adults go to their offices dressed up as their favorite superheroes! There are parades, contests, and obviously many degustations of candy. Around 5 PM, the trick-or-treating begins. For the younger kids, parents pair up with other families in order to make it more fun for the children. As soon as they reach around 12 years of age, children start patrolling alone, and the same goes for high schoolers. Children come home, and an alteration of the laws of our universe makes that, in the end, every family has more candy than what they started with.

by Louise V.