Grexit Update

Grexit Update: Greece and the Eurozone

To understand the problem, it is important to clarify what ended in this situation. The accumulation of the Greek national debt was primarily due to the extravagant economic policy of the former Greek governments, but the European central institutions and the European Great Powers are also responsible...Read More »

Grexit Update: Germany

Writing about the Grexit from a German point of view isn’t very easy. Over the past 6 months the tension between Greece and Germany has become almost unbearable. Ministers from one of the strongest countries in the EU – negotiating, discussing and fighting about the best way...Read More »

Grexit Update: France

The Grexit refers to the potential exit of Greece from the Eurozone. This exit may be dangerous, as it may lead to relational remoteness between the EU and Greece. As can be seen, the Grexit turns out to be difficult, but feasible.
“Une sortie de la...Read More »