Grexit Update: Germany

AllemagneWriting about the Grexit from a German point of view isn’t very easy. Over the past 6 months the tension between Greece and Germany has become almost unbearable. Ministers from one of the strongest countries in the EU – negotiating, discussing and fighting about the best way out of the mess which the confident but not very respected greek ministers face.
A Grexit was imminent – but it would have meant much more than a party leaving the community – it would have been the decimation of a strong union which saved Europe from war and economic ruin since World War II.
8ba235_b61c6f6ab5f8439da15f538c4b0c8888In any case, the Euro has already suffered immensely from the chaos – there is no other way to say it – that has evolved from reelections, negotiations over negotiations, loans after loans, and accusations after accusations. We have lost all perspective. All we know is that German Ministers – especially finance minister Schaeuble- are Germany seems almost like the big master of the EU mansion – trying to keep all members together and the house from collapsing.hated in Greece and at that Germany views the Greek Politicians as a incapable lazy sods.
Without the generous IMF and the Greeks’ incredibly brave prime minister, the country would have probably been long gone and the european banks bankrupt.
We lay all our hopes in Alexis Tsipras – may he lead the country in the right direction and save the beloved mansion that used to stand so majestic and stable from collapsing (especially when thousands of refugees are shaking it by banging at the door).

by Pauline F.