Grexit Update: France

france flagThe Grexit refers to the potential exit of Greece from the Eurozone. This exit may be dangerous, as it may lead to relational remoteness between the EU and Greece. As can be seen, the Grexit turns out to be difficult, but feasible.
8ba235_b3901718869149a6b449ed459c7cc3dc“Une sortie de la Grèce serait grave pour le peuple grec, mais l’économie française ne serait pas affectée”, (If Greece was taken out of the Euro Zone, France’s economy would not be affected), said Francois Hollande, the French president. He also declared: “Mais je ne veux pas me résoudre à ce scénario, il faut tout faire pour que la Grèce reste dans la zone” (But I don’t want want this to happen, so we have to do everything possible to keep Greece in the Eurozone), The Grexit is therefore a bad idea for the French government.

by Hugo B.