Global Security

In France...

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As we all know, France fell victim to the largest ever terrorist attack on its territory last November. The city of Paris was targeted by ISIS, and more than 130 people died in the shootings and bombings. For the country, it was a massive crisis because...Read More »

Another American insight

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The United States, being highly politically polarized, has two starkly different views on domestic and national security with many opinions that branch off from these two ideologies. To begin with international issues, there are mentalities that say we need to rush into combat...Read More »

Security in the US

Security has always been a really big concern in the U.S. The possibility of  North Korea having a nuclear bomb and  security issues of the Brazil Olympics have made it even more important today.

To face to nuclear threats, Obama tried to reset relations with his...Read More »

Global Security: What about Germany?


Security was never an issue in Germany–at least, not since the fall of the Berlin Wall. People felt thoroughly safe; the police existed merely to hand out parking tickets, just as the military existed only for representative purposes. In 2015, this status quo unexpectedly changed. Terrorist attacks...Read More »

Security in the UK, for the UK

Providing security for the nation and for its citizens remains the most important responsibility of the British government. Since the end of the Cold War, the international landscape has been transformed. The opposition between two power blocs has been replaced by a more complex and unpredictable set...Read More »

Global Security: Mexico

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When I talk to people about Mexico, the very first question that comes to their minds is: “But… isn’t it a bit dangerous though?”, to which I always answer that all places can be dangerous or not.

Indeed, we could say there is some tension in...Read More »

Security in Brazil


To talk about  the relationship between Brazil and security, this one essert  from an article that we can see on summarizes really good the whole public security  situation in Brazil.

Brazilian Public Security is unproductive , violent and reproduces inequalities

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