In the last 3400 years, humans have been peaceful for 268 of them. There seems to be endless news of war, terrorism, and other atrocities every day. As The Student’s Mail is an international team, we have the unique ability to inform others about security issues and ongoing concerns our nations have. What are the greatest threats to your country’s national security? Have they always been the same? How real are these threats? How are they prepared for and dealt with? What impact does your country have on the wider protection of the earth?

Poland: Europe’s shield

Because of Poland’s location in the center of Europe, it has always been threatened by its powerful neighbors. Many times throughout the course of history did it have to defend itself from the Germans on the West, Russians on the East, and Austrians on the South of its...Read More »

Just how safe is Hungary?

We collected some statistics about safety and security issues in Hungary. The Global Peace Index (GPI) is calculated by an independent, non-profit organization called the IEP (Institute for Economics and Peace). This ranking shows how safe a country is based on many indicators such as terrorism, economy...Read More »

Japan and denuclearization: a short account

Today some countries have atomic bombs. The atomic bombs become deterrence for the states that have the most nuclear weapons. Since Japan is the only country that has suffered from atomic bombs, Japan aims denuclearization. I believe that achieving denuclearization is one of the most important tasks...Read More »

Global Security - A Mexican Insight

National security is a one-of-a-kind bond, in creating coherence in a country. The Center of Investigation and National security (CISEN) in Mexico establishes that law of national security, which is defined by the actions undertaken in order to keep the integrity of the country. This means globally protecting the...Read More »

New measures of security in Germany

Civil war in Syria, ISIS, Taliban in Afghanistan, Israel-Palestinian conflict, North Korea crisis – in short the world of 2017 seems just as dangerous and unstable as in the years before. Lately even Europe has been hit by the world’s chaos when Putin annexed the Ukrainian peninsula...Read More »