Freedom of the internet: views from the world

Recitently, decisons were made about the freedom of internet. Here are some elements that show the point of view of Brazil and the United States.


The quote of the tweet is from the 8chan’s founder about doxing. (Doxing is a technique of tracing someone or gather information about an individual using sources on the internet.)

– by Emma P.

InternetBraMila1These are quotes from our President, Dilma Rousseff. The first quote says: “The rights that people have offline must be protected online.”. The second quote says: “We believe that the cyberspace should be the territory of confidence, human rights, citizenship, cooperation and peace.”.

This is an extract from the Brazilian Law number 12.965, from April 23rd, 2014. The translation from Portuguese is: “The guarantee of the right to privacy and freedom of expression in communications is a prerequisite for the full exercise of the right of access to the internet.”InternetBraMila3


“Without freedom there’s no information.”


Cartoon and the character has the letters PI on his jacket, which could mean “Internet Police”. The character says: “Hello commander! I caught an element wanting to be free on the internet. Activate the ideological patrol!”

– by Mila S.

InternetHunLo1Officially the internet is free in Hungary but there was a trial to control it. Last year, the government wanted to introduce a new tax, the internet tax. It wouldn’t have been a heavy one, it would have been paid by the internet service and there would not have been any possibility to impose it over to the consumers. It would have had a limit: 3 euro/month/user. But due to the opposition media most people thought that they had to pay this tax. A hundred thousand of citizens demonstrated against the tax so the government withdrew the suggestion. So I can say that the internet is completely free in Hungary.


Most of the following memes are false because they forget to say that none of the citizens would have had to pay anything because of this tax. This fact shows that the Hungarian media is very two-faced.

    InternetHunLo5   InternetHunLo6   InternetHunLo3

– by Lorinc F.