France, a country with potential

In the Winter Olympics, France is mostly hyped for its brilliant biathlonist, Martin Fourcade. The 11-times world champion is expected to bring home a gold medal in biathlon, completing his 4 Olympic medal collection.

In the 2014 Winter Olympics, France won a record of 15 medals, including 4 golds, which put the country is 8th place overall. This year, thanks to raising talents, France is expected to do a little better, and to win around 18 medals.

However, many people are concerned about France’s participation in the games. Indeed, the 1950-1953 Korean War left permanent traces on the relationship between the two countries. Last month, France’s Sports Minister Laura Flessel stated that if the crisis in South Korea, doesn’t get better, there is a chance the the French team won’t get on the plane to the games.

Security is a very big concern for the French Sports Minister, but the competition should still take place, as many athletes pointed out that not participating in the Winter Olympics just because of past relationship is foolish: “I’ve been waiting for this for four years, I‘m not going to let it go like that. I‘m going to fight to go even if it’s a bit dangerous,” Vaultier, a talented French snowboarder, said.

by Hugo B.