Festivals in Tunisia

Douz showcases the talents of its inhabitants through sword fencing, desert trips on camels, and many other activities according to the wishes of tourists. Can you believe that the glorious Islamic past is still alive and breathing in a city that is loyal to the Arab Islamic tradition? It is the land of successive encounters and successive civilizations.

Those who do not visit the city of Douz will not discover this world and, in my opinion, a paradise is lost to their eyes.  The access to a world of fine architecture, the beauty of beauties, where the city alone looks like a description in a novel as it portrays the beauty of the desert and this Festival. The smooth water accompanied by the beauty of two visitors and a palm tree.This place erases the monotony of your life and inspires you  to write new letters, to experience new things.  People in between plants and geometric architecture like a world of fantasy.

But the uniqueness of Douz is an authentic island in in the heart of the desert. The discovery of our most important natural treasure, the beauty of Sahari, our Arab homeland, is one of the most important findings ever.

The Douz International Festival attracts thousands of tourists each year, who are interested in learning about the desert traditions. The Tunisian Sahara Gate opens its doors to welcome thousands of visitors. It is not just a desert oasis, but an integrated Islamic city in every aspect.

Horse racing is considered a main attraction. The race is the first of its kind, so the festival is dedicated to this race. It is led by the cavalry in a course that runs through the sand or through the forests and into the desert, making it a rough race. As a finale, young men wearing colorful embroidered shirts and loose trousers draw their guns from the sheath to shoot into the air, a move beyond the skill of cowboys and horses under them, as skillful as knights.

Next,  the eye is drawn to a line of palm trees as it follows the sounds of the people.. Women chanting,singing,eating, and drinking; the sounds of the psalms read aloud as young women in their traditional clothes, adorned with the name of Douz, watch the race from behind the sand dunes. The scene is complemented by the simple chatter of people picking palms or gathering dates. It is something we see every day, but for visitors it is like an adventure. This makes Douz an important and one-of-a-kind tourist attraction.

by Kamroucha K.

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