Festivals around the world

Festivals in Tunisia

Douz showcases the talents of its inhabitants through sword fencing, desert trips on camels, and many other...Read More »

Bon-Odori, a Traditional Festival in Japan

Festivals have always been a great part in Japanese culture; most festivals have a specific meaning, and prompt people to pray for good harvests, wealth, and prosperity. Here is one of the most popular and traditional festival in Japan.

Among many festivals, “Bon-Odori” is one of the most common...Read More »

Festivals in Canada

Summer Festivals in Toronto

Looking to visit Canada while its warm? This year might be the best year to do so, as Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday on July 1st. This means cities around the country have planned additional fun events to celebrate. Canada has even developed a...Read More »

Eids - A Great Tradition in Afghanistan

How young Afghan villagers celebrate Eids?

In Afghanistan, every single Muslim person celebrates Eids, but the celebrations differs from one region to the next. Generally, Muslims celebrate the twin EidsEid Al-fitr and Eid al-Adha– twice a year with a two months gap between each. Different philosophies lie behind these celebrations....Read More »

Hungarian Festivals

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A French Celebration: the Music Fest

If you were to visit France right now, you would have barely missed — by a week or...Read More »

German Festivals - old and new

Ask any German Student how they will spend their summer and you can be very confident that they’ll answer, “I...Read More »

Festivals in the United States

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