Female Athletes – the pride and joy of Tunisia

It seems the Tunisian youth and especially women were inspired with this part of the country’s national anthem:

” When the people will to live,

Destiny must respond.

Oppression shall then vanish,

Fetters are certain to break.”

It makes their dreams limitless and reminds them that they should work hard to achieve them so they can rise their country’s name all over international events such as the Olympics.

Tunisia first participated in the olympic games in 1960. Since then, Tunisian athletes won a total of 13 medals. The first gold medal a Tunisian female athlete won was in 2012 in London. That honor belongs to Habiba Ghribi. She competed in women’s 3000 meters steeplechase.

It was a moment of pride and honor for Tunisia, particularly for Tunisian women. Her courage, determination and self confidence inspired them to believe in themselves, because every single one of them has talents and potential to show for the whole world.

Her success has also denied the prevailing belief that only men can bring home gold medals because of their superior physical builds.

Later on, in 2016, two of the beloved female athletes proved themselves in rio. One of them was Ines Boubakri. She was the first female to get awarded in fencing. She won a bronze medal. The other athlete was Marwa Amri. She won her bronze medal for wrestling in women’s freestyle 58kg.

  Although they did not get the same amount of training and financial support as the other participants from other countries and nationalities, they did not give up. Their passion for their sport and their willingness to inspire Tunisians and make them proud was stronger than anything else that could bring them down.

  Generally speaking, Tunisian female athletes competed in different kinds of sports such as trade, road events, judo, sailing, fencing, shooting  etc.. Even though many of them did not win any award or even pass to semi finals, the huge number of Tunisian female participants shows that the country, its government and its people believe in women, respect them and rely on them, too. It shows the great role and importance of the female athletes and of women generally in Tunisian society. They are given all their rights and do not restrict them from participating in the Olympics or any other international events.

Female athletes strengthened the power of women and contributed in the way the society judges them. They proved that a woman is capable of everything and is never inferior to men.

Tunisian female athletes do not want to vinture themselves into politics nor blending it with sports. Their one goal and aim is to raise Tunisia’s name high and keep it linked to victory and success rather than extremism and terrorism.

Every single Tunisian is proud of their country’s heroes. They will always be our inspiration and pride for the end of the time.

by Wiem Saadi