Female athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics

Canadian Women in the Olympics

 The Canadian Women’s soccer team after winning the bronze medal in Rio 2016   ©Canada Soccer

In the past, gender has hindered women from doing things like voting, wearing trousers, and having a serious career. In 2016, these simple habits are taken for granted, as they should...Read More »

Female Athletes - the pride and joy of Tunisia

It seems the Tunisian youth and especially women were inspired with this part of the country’s national anthem:

” When the people will to live,

Destiny must respond.

Oppression shall then vanish,

Fetters are certain to break.”

It makes their...Read More »

Like A Girl

‘You run like a girl’ – a phrase we’ve all heard at one point or another. A phrase that has demotivated women from competing in sports for years.

It seems that men have always dominated the world of athletics. But is that still true? Misogyny is still alive and...Read More »

Polish women in sports

People have been practicing sports since forever. Well, not all people as women were not allowed to watch or participate in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. The first modern Games did allow women to compete either. In 1928, women were prohibited from running more...Read More »