Extremism: in the US

Drapeau USExtremism can be both dormant and active and even if it isn’t striking somewhere, it still has vast repercussions. In the United States, there is mass hysteria over Islamic extremism in Europe, which has shown greatly in the 2016 presidential race, where Republican candidate Donald Trump has taken an active stance against all Muslims due to these extremists. This has uncorked a new form of extremism that is the people who are aiming to protect the populace, are being extremists themselves as they attempt to shut off all people in categories from entering the country. Whether it is Muslims, Latin Americans, or African Americans, there are people in politics and in business that are using extremist tactics to keep all these people away because of a small minority among these groups’ actions. Islamic extremism has been the tipping point for countless debates over how to deal with an issue that some see unsolvable. When trying to prevent violent attacks, you cannot exclude a whole people from society, when it is a small portion that is trying to hurt you. Immigration reforms and dealings with refugees have been the center of this controversy as the threats of violence and fear become ever-growing. The way to fight this extremism, beyond trying to eliminate it, is to come together and squelch it out beneath the unstoppable force of peace. Rather than excluding more people from something, or separating people from one another, a loud voice has begun to be heard in the USA for the desire for inclusion rather than exclusion, the more people there are together, the less people there are trying to split them apart. 

– by Sam P.

Drapeau USWith the presidential elections coming up, political extremism is the biggest type of extremism that the United States are facing right now. As many newspapers, radio channels and TV channel are now choosing a political party that they want to promote, political influence and extremism become more and more important. Extremists, also known as wingnuts, always confuse partisanship with patriotism, which is a big mistake. This is a big concern for the Americans because political extremism can become dangerous, as we already saw receive death threats because of their political party. To fight political extremism, Americans need to become more independent and not to follow wingnuts.

– by Hugo B.