Extremism in France

drapeau franceThe rise of extremism in France is due to a political party : the « National Front ».
This party was founded in 1972 by another extreme party which has nowadays disappeared, the « New Order ». The « National Front » is a extreme-right party, distancing itself from the others by its anti-European and anti-immigrants program. Indeed, they consider Europe as a weak institution that only attract problems to France.
Here is the heart of their program : bringing France back to a « glorious past ». To achieve this, they want to stop the flood of legal and illegal migrants, go out of European Union, in order to emphasis the typical white French worker.
fraextThis project attract more and more people, and nowadays this party is one of the most important in France. During the presidential elections in 2002, the National Front arrived in the 2d round. This shocked French population and there has been a huge movement to vote against the party. In recent elections, they won many departments and parliamentary seats.
National Front can count on many parts of the population. Indeed, low-paid workers, people living in the country and racists are the first seduced by the program. In opposition, the largest part of the population consider the National Front as a danger for democracy.
– by Bastien S.
                                                                                                                                                        “Let’s defend our colors”