Everyday’s killing thoughts

I can’t anymore
Gonna walk out the door
And I’m so tired
Being everyday fired

Maybe I’m just making a scene
Because of my years of teen
Maybe it is all in my head
But maybe I’ll never look ahead

I’m complaining while everything seems fine
But because of overthinking I’ve just crossed the line

I might be odd
Yet always praying to God
Hoping for finding ways
To end this kind of days

“You’ll never succeed
You’ll never lead
Life is tough
And you’re not good enough”

Why am I here?
Nothing is clear
I cannot fit in
My place is in the bin

You’re useless
You’re worthless
And in my head these voices
Keep judging my choices

Is this going to end?
Is this going to be rend?
Is this going to last,
Or be part of the past?

by Beya T.