Euro Cup and more in France

france flagSport is a part of French culture, it is something truly important for people.

The national sport is soccer,  that many young athlete practice. But there are lots of sports performed in France : rugby, basketball, swimming, athletics… Sport is nowadays a phenomenon of society, where self-surpassment is put forward by the medias.

On the other hand, France host the Europe Football Cup, also called « Euro ». The main challenge of this event is to maintain security without disturbing the festive atmosphere. Indeed, the terrorist threat is very high in Europe. The organizers worked with many security companies to secure the 10 stadiums concerned and their cities, but also the « fans zones » where thousands of supporters are expected to watch the matchs on huge screens. This represent more than 100 places to secure.

Then, some stadiums have been renovated or built, for a total cost of 1.64 billions € (1.86 billions $). Despite those devices, French people are very proud to host the « Euro », and are looking forward to winning the cup…
Concerning the Olympic Games in Rio, France have big expectations. French teams are actually training hard to honor the hopes placed on them, especially in handball, swimming, tennis, judo, fencing, athletics are cycling. Some optimistic experts think France could beat her medals record (41 in Beijing). To be followed.

In conclusion, this summer seems to be a dream for sports lovers.

by Bastien S.