Essay contest

Huge thanks to all of you who contributed and submitted amazing pieces of work!
This week we are publishing the 3 winners of the Contest, all exploring the meaning of culture!!

Winner: The Road of Reconnecting

The road outside of the public hospital in the capital of Bulgaria is covered in cobblestones. For young kids, the crazy bumps that leave them bouncing on their seats are thrilling and an exciting change to the calamity of smooth roads. For me, traveling over the...Read More »

Runner up: The Pennsylvania accent

My grandmother’s tongue is Pennsylvanian.

It squeezes syllables together

And slips ‘r’s in the middle of words.

Funny, dialectic words tumble out

To give local color to her speech.

“This hand tal is soakin’ wet,” she says.

“I better do the warsh.”

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3rd place: Land des Recht und Freiheit

Land of Law and Freedom  

German mentality is reserved to a degree;

       Still I’m glad it became a part of me.

The Brothers Grimm originate from here;

       Their stories so charming that they endear.

The...Read More »