France's Spy Agencies

   Ethan Hunt, James Bond, Jason Bourne, OSS 117, guns, gadgets, villains, and a hero who saves the world and always gets the girl: so many symbols and characters call on the supposed glamour of the world of espionage.  This is a very commercial image of espionage perpetrated...Read More »

Canadian Espionage

Unfortunately, Canadian secret service is a myth. Meaning, it literally is nonexistent. There are no iconic spy names, few affairs worth a Hollywood movie, and no large international infiltration missions. Canada does not have a secret service to save its life. However, this is because it never needed one. Canada’s...Read More »

Spy Agencies (and Corporations) in America

   Espionage has always been a controversial issue; it can be both intriguing or traitorous. In the US, spying has become a relevant topic, with the development of new technologies that enable the government and big companies to spy on American citizens. Indeed, many operator companies, such as...Read More »