Elections in the UK

Elections in UK: a French perspective

In a few days, the British will elect their next Prime Minister. The results of this election are nevertheless unclear: Le Figaro, a French rightist newspaper, even wrote that these elections would be “the most uncertain legislative elections of history” (in an article published on the 5th of...Read More »

Elections in UK - what the US expects

In 2015, elections in UK are the most unpredictable elections in a generation. Nobody knows who is going to win. The election is taking place on May 7th. During these elections, anything can happen. Here is a graph showing the probability of the vote for these...Read More »

What does the UK expect of its own elections?

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The UK definitely expects the general elections to lead to a hung parliament; the country’s current prediction is that there will be no overall majority, but that the Conservatives will be the largest party with 280 seats. Many people affirm the best solution for the nation...Read More »