Another view of the French system

The French State is very implicated in its education system, making it for decades one of the world leaders in education. Thanks to Jules Ferry’s eminent laws on public education in 1882, primary school has, since then, not only been free, but also mandatory for 6 to...Read More »

Schools in Brazil

The ENEM, a Brazilian exam taken by students over the entire country.

In the final years of high school, students in Brazil have to pass the ENEM,  the equivalent of the American SAT. This standardized test...Read More »

In the US...

In the United States of America, most of the students plan to go to college after completing 4 years of high school. To do this, they need to prepare an application, which they will send to the university they are applying to. The 8 most prestigious...Read More »

Differences between the French and American systems

Having grown up in a mix of both cultures, I have become familiar with both the French and American university systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The French system is great – if you know exactly what you want to study. There is...Read More »

Education in Mexico

mexico flag

Given that Mexico is a very large and populous country, with a population mostly between the ages of 15 and 25, it is only natural that the country is home to numerous higher education institutions. Mexican higher education institutions fall into many different...Read More »

Indian education

Today, India is known as a communication hub, and has become popular with international students from all over the world. It is highly attractive due to its forward thinking, its popularity with large multinational companies, and also due to English being the common...Read More »

What about education in the UK?

You have to be in England to see it. Every morning, at each corner, you notice a parent on their way to take their child to school, all dressed up in his nice uniform, most likely wearing a tie, and if a girl, a skirt by...Read More »

The French system

The French government devotes the largest share of its budget to education; according to 2015 statistics, 146 billion euros (200 billion US dollars) are ascribed to education, which represents approximately 6,2% of French GDP. Based on these rates, one might think that education is a strong...Read More »

Higher Education in France

In France, the higher education system is very accessible and virtually free in all non-private schools; hence, even students with limited or inadequate financials can receive the same higher education as those far better equipped. Due to this, 78% of students who obtain their high...Read More »