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#EarthToParis: Why climate

change matters

“Climate change matters to me because I find breathtaking the beauty that the world offers us. Why should we waste that? Climate change endangers animals and nature. They were here before us, they lived freely. Why should we have the power to take away their freedom?”

Emma R, from France

“Climate change matters to me because it shouldn’t be short-sleeve weather on December 13th.”

Alexandra L, United States

“Climate change matters to me because it will change the way the world will be for our children.”

Grace T, United States

  • Alexandra L, US

Climate Change is important not only because not only will it make life on earth a lot more difficult for future human generations, but it is already affecting LIFE right now. It is incredibly unfair because the ones that can help it the least feel it the most. As industrial countries, spend millions of dollars increasing their carbon footprint, they are living on the cost of the developing world. Thousands of people in South Asia are affected by extreme natural disasters that become more frequent every year. Villagers and farmers who rely on traditional methods, like the potato farmers in the Andes suffer from the warmer temperatures and have to shift their fields higher up the mountain. And let’s not only speak of human LIFE. Speak of WILDLIFE. Polar bears, having to migrate, due to melting arctic ice. In 1999 when I received my very first stuffed Polar Bear, there were 30,000 bears living in the Arctic. Now there are only 25, 000 left. I would like to be able to give my grandchild a stuffed polar bear and proudly say they still exist. But at today’s rate they will most likely die out by 2060.”

Pauline F, Germany