Driving in your county. How do people drive in your country? What are the regulations? What is the minimum age to be able to drive? What is the speed limit? Does it vary depending on the region? What types of cars do people drive?

Chaos in Guatemala

Driving in Guatemala is extremely difficult. In comparison, driving in the United States is like driving go-karts. There are many deep-rooted issues that prevent Guatemala from having a working traffic system. Guatemala City was not designed to grow at the rate that it did. It was originally...Read More »

What about Tunisia?

Driving in Tunisia can be compared to driving bumper cars. Indeed, most Tunisians drive in a crazy way, which is generally because they do not wait at the traffic light,thus running a red light, or not paying attention to the traffic and road signs. To put it...Read More »

The experience of a young American driver

In the United States, driving is very prevalent because everyone needs a car to get around. In most big cities, like Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, it is almost impossible to get from one part of the city to another without driving; people even have to drive...Read More »

Driving in the UK

The pass rate for the UK driving test is 47.1% – a daunting figure for any 17 year old considering taking their driving test. The speed limits in urban areas are generally 30 mph with the highest speed limit in dual carriageways is 70 mph for cars....Read More »