Driving in the UK

The pass rate for the UK driving test is 47.1% – a daunting figure for any 17 year old considering taking their driving test. The speed limits in urban areas are generally 30 mph with the highest speed limit in dual carriageways is 70 mph for cars. The UK has lots of winding roads, often with various types of livestock blocking the road – from sheep to cows, or even ducks! Some people often forget that the winding roads in the countryside are dangerous and there is a serious problem with speeding on these road. 60% of fatalities happen on country roads with three people a day dying on these roads. However, many people are oblivious to the risks.

British people choose to drive Fords, with 4.5 million vehicles on the road, which is followed closely by Vauxhall cars with 3.5 million vehicles.

written by Issy M. – edited by Alex J.