Driving circumstances in Japan

In 1769, the first steam car was invented in France. Since then, the car has evolved. Today, there are many very high-performance cars in the world. Therefore, people of a wide age use the high-performance cars. Among those users, high school students in the United States of America are a good example. They are going to schools by using their own cars. In contrast, high school students of Japan are unable to go to school by driving.

In Japan, there are some different rules from the United States. Firstly, a normal car license can be taken from 21 years old. As a result, college students can not drive. Second, you can not turn in any direction when it is a red light. Also, the driver must sit on the right side because the handle is on the right. Finally, the only similarity with the US is that the tolerance for alcohol is very low.

In conclusion, the rules of the road in Japan and in the United States are very different. This is because Japan and the United States have very different cultures.

written by Yuma O. – edited by Alex J.