Discover Portugal

In this article, I will describe the five places in Portugal by which you must absolutely stop if you are in the neighborhood. These aren’t ranked from one to five, so it’s up to you to decide on your favorite!

  • Zambujeira do Mar :


This small village hosts only around one thousand permanent residents. Its charm and popularity resides in its beaches, its picturesque structures, and its fishing ports, of which it holds four. While its inhabitants majoritarily live off of tourism, fishing and livestock farming are nevertheless practices ancored in their way of life and represent an important part of their revenues.


  • Lisbon:


The capital is another unavoidable destination of Portugal; its numerous paved streets and facades of azulejos, the typical Portuguese mosaic, fill this city with surprises at every street corner! It holds many cultural opportunities, as well as chances for swimming, thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Nazaré :

SumPor30If this name rings a bell, it’s because the beaches at Nazaré are internationally reknown surfing spots which attract intrepid, record-beating surfers (for the height of surfed waves) each year. In addition to these beaches (this part named Praia in Portuguese), there exist two other areas in this village, with distinct cultures but linked by their urban aspect. The villages religious aspect is exposed in the Sítio, a pilgrimage destination for catholics, accessible by  funicular. Finally, the Pederneira area, the fishing district, is today an area in which a large part of the local population of Nazaré is concentrated.

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  • Porto :


The country’s second largest urban area, Porto is renowned for its important commercial activity, notably in th realm of wine. Her sits the University of Porto, the best of Portugal in many areas such as architecture, literature, and law. In addition to these caracteristics, Porto is special as it hs been able to successfully galvanize itself all while conserving the historic side which makes it so charming.


  • Serra do Gerês (Peneda Gerês National Park):

This national parc is one or Portugal’s fauna and flora treasures. Visitors can, among other things, admire the wild boars, otters, deer, and more rarely wolves which populate the most wild areas of the parc. Some are inhabited, with small villages in which residents live in seclusion from the “modern” world and closer to nature. The numerous water holes offer the chance to swim in a paradisiacal setting…there’s something for everyone!

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– by Emma P.