Current Headlines around the World

What hits the headlines in different countries right now? Is the focus on political, economic or social concerns? Is the news dealing with international issues or rather with domestic policies?

Current Events in Germany

No new government yet!

In September 2017, the German people headed to the voting boxes, but the formation of the new government continues. After the failure of a coalition between the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), the FDP (Free Democratic Party) and the Green Party in November,...Read More »

What about Hungary?

Hungarian elections will be held in April but according to political surveys, the outcome is almost decided. Orbán Viktor, Hungarian prime minister, can prepare to start his third consecutive term in his position.

Hungarian ruling party, FIDESZ, is leading all surveying results with 53%. This astonishingly high popularity is due...Read More »

Headlines from Poland

In Poland, the headlines have recently been focused on international affairs. It all started with a proposition for a new law regarding the Holocaust and Poles’ role in it. The Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) expressed its concern about the country’s reputation. Many times has it been...Read More »