Current Events in Germany

No new government yet!

In September 2017, the German people headed to the voting boxes, but the formation of the new government continues. After the failure of a coalition between the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), the FDP (Free Democratic Party) and the Green Party in November, negotiations between the CDU and SPD (Social Democratic Party Germany) have begun. This marks a new record in the time needed to find a new government!

Air pollution in German cities:

After the “Volkswagen emissions scandal” of  2015, this year’s news will be all around exhaust gases, EU restrictions, national climate goals, car-free city centers, and other ideas to solve the problem. Last year, 70 German cities exceeded EU limits. This year, the EU is threatening Germany with prosecution before the European Court of Justice.

International conflicts:

As an EU member, Germany continues to be very interested in the Catalonian Conflict in Spain. How will the Spanish government manage the crisis? And what impacts will it have on other minority groups throughout Europe?

The Syrian conflict rages on and Germany has sent around 1200 soldiers and along with military equipment to the fight against the terrorists. The waves of refugees, as well as numerous terrorist attacks, have also affected the country and national politics. Therefore, Syria will stay an important subject in the news.

Although the turmoil over the Brexit-Campaign and its outcomes have abated, the negotiations of Great Britain leaving the European Union is a frequently mentioned topic in the news. However, the UK will not officially leave until March 2019 and it is only then that the consequences of Brexit will be felt.

by Schirin H.