The Future of Climate Action – COP22

2017 Climate Action in the US

During the Cop 22, taking place in Marrakesh, it has been said that the year 2016 is “very likely” to be the hottest year in history. Indeed, the global temperature will be 1.2 °C higher than temperatures for pre-industrial earth, which comes really close to the 1.5 limit...Read More »

Germany: A long term Climate Change Protection Plan

In order to reach the goals agreed on in Paris at last year’s COP21, to keep the global warming lower than 2°C, the German government, led by Federal Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks, wanted to come up with a strategic plan. This “climate protection plan 2050” has...Read More »

Is Canada really that green?

You might think that, as second largest country in the world, with a population equal to that of the State of California, and its reputation as one of the cleanest nations in the world, Canada would naturally be unanimously vegan and worship Mother Earth. Shockingly, Canada is ranked...Read More »

Brazil at COP22 - Fighting Deforestation

The Brazilian delegation participating in the COP 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, called for greater financial support for emerging countries to reduce deforestation and protect forests. The goal is to stop the emission of greenhouse gasses. The Brazilian participation in the 22nd Framework Conference of the Parties on Climate...Read More »

The COP22 Conference - a summary

Every year, nearly two hundred nation gather to work on the issues of climate change. The 22nde Conference of Parties (or COP 22) is taking place in 2017 in Marrakech. These international summits are often full of hope and good intentions. Each year, a great compromise...Read More »