Coming Home

Right now, I find myself living in a foreign country since my departure two years ago from my loving Mexico.

When I first came, I was just thinking about returning to my family and friends, thinking that there was nothing better than the place I grew up in. It was obvious that I didn’t count that time passes as fast as the wind.

Once you’re kind of forced to live in a different place, wanting to or not, you get used to your new home, and, if you’re lucky, you meet people that change your negative impressions about your new lifestyle, while discovering how surprisingly pleasant is to share your personal memories about your culture. Suddenly, the experience is all about learning and discovering; even the weather becomes a contrast with what you know, magnifying your vision of a world in constant change.

Faster than I have taken to realize it, my peculiar adventure is coming to an end.

Making the summary of this traveling, I can tell you, that when you get away from home, some links you thought strong disappear and a few others grow stronger than they will ever be. Tough times come from the hand of joys.

I know that in three weeks, I’ll be back to a country I’m in love with after this “affair”, and I realize that at the end you cannot regret anything and just hope to have been a good deputy of your country in another and cherish in your heart all your memories and experiences.

Now, talking specifically of my own, personal and unique experience, living in USA, with it’s big streets, monuments, shopping malls, massive highways is all an adventure, but when you come back sadly you need to take care a little bit more. I don’t think someone loves Mexico as much as I do, but the sad truth of it is that right now tough years surround it’s beauty: political, economic, and socially and that’s why I hope to have exposedseveral of its positive traits, things the news will never show. My message is never to judge a country because of false impressions, because every single culture holds a unique beauty that is worth discovering, but sadly is neglected because of prejudice.

 by Helena