The Volkswagen emissions scandal ignited a global discussion about the environmental implications of travel like never before. Although electric vehicle production is on the rise and more and more countries promise to switch to eco-friendly and renewable energy, the earth is facing a problem: with a growing population, what kind of transportation are the most sustainable for the environment as well as the economy? In your country, is the car and transportation industry a large part of your economy? How do people move from place to place? What are the biggest challenges your country faces regarding transportation? Has your country committed to any steps in the future to protect the world from global warming?

Energy Production in Hungary

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Global Warming in Afghanistan - A Problem Unconsidered

Thanks to Facebook for reminding Afghan citizens that the temperature has passed 36 Celsius degrees in Kabul. It was unprecedented that one day Kabul will witness such intolerable hot days. As it is common in the country, the population was complaining about the hot weather everywhere. But...Read More »