How do people celebrate Christmas in your country? Are there any old traditions people have forgotten?

Christmas in the US

Just like every other holiday, Christmas in the United States is a big deal. I mean, a really big deal. As soon as the Thanksgiving break is over, people throw every turkey and every last ounce of mashed potatoes away to begin a month-long, intense preparation that...Read More »

German Christmas is full of traditions!

Preparations begin in November when every family sets up the Christmas calendar and...Read More »

What about Poland?

In Poland, Christmas is celebrated in virtually every household. With the majority of the population belonging to the Christian Church, many choose to celebrate religiously. However, there are a number of families who, even though they are not a part of the Church, still celebrate  Christmas culturally.

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Christmas in Japan

Do you believe in Santa? According to the Google Home mini, Santa lives in Antarctica during winter season, then...Read More »