Christmas in the US

Just like every other holiday, Christmas in the United States is a big deal. I mean, a really big deal. As soon as the Thanksgiving break is over, people throw every turkey and every last ounce of mashed potatoes away to begin a month-long, intense preparation that will last until December 25th.

This is when the real show begins. Everything -and I mean absolutely everything- has to do with Christmas. As soon as you turn the radio on, you are attacked by Mariah Carey and Wham!, as well as many other artists renowned for their holiday songs, until you know every lyric to every version of every song about Christmas. Classic movies about this time of the year resurface, from The Grinch to Love Actually, obviously without forgetting Home Alone 2.

But don’t forget this is America, and that means every household wants to show their neighbors that they really are the best at “doing” Christmas. This is why people install huge decorations and countless lights among other things in front of their houses, and we’re talking America-huge. This is why, when you walk down the street at night, you feel like you’re at Disneyland: it’s impossible for cities to be dark during this time of year, because there are so many lights. If you’re lucky, you get snow sprinkled on top of all that, giving it all a sense of a winter wonderland.

by Luise V.