Christmas in Japan

Do you believe in Santa? According to the Google Home mini, Santa lives in Antarctica during winter season, then spends his summer season in Hawaii.

In Japan, most people celebrate Christmas just like the people around the world. Sometimes, Christmas has special meaning because Christmas is near the Emperor’s Day. However, no official event will be held. In my opinion, most Japanese people do not feel Christmas is special because the New Year is more important.

On January 1st, many Japanese people go to a shrine to pray. From December 31st, they make a queue and line up. After they have finished praying, they drink Amazake, which  is sweet drink made from rice. Some people buy a lucky charm for their health. After going to the shrine, they go home and make a special meal to celebrate the New Year with their family. Also, the New Year has special meaning for children because it is a great opportunity to get large amounts of money. Traditionally there is a habit of giving money to children.

If you come to Japan during the New Year season, you might also get money from your parents!

by Yuma O.