Canada at the 2016 Olympics

canada 2The Rio Olympics have been some of the most controversial; yet, when the time came for competition, the controversies were put aside as the world watched medals being won and records being broken.

Spending my summer in the U.S was as frustrating as ever; NBC only streamed the glory of the American Olympic team. I was constantly bombarded with the quadruple gold medals of Simone Biles, the epic comeback of American legend Michael Phelps, and the record-crushing times of Katie Ledecky. I began to miss the heroes of Canadian sports. Here is a look at the success of the Canadian Olympic team in Rio de Janeiro.

The Rio Olympics have been Canada’s best overall performance from a non-boycott Olympics. The team totalled 22 medals: 15 bronze, 3 silver, and 4 gold, shattering any expectations Canada had.

Rosie MacLennan was the only Canadian to win gold in the 2012 Olympics. She beat out the heavily favorited Chinese competitors to win the trampoline competition. However, Rosie’s dominance was just beginning. In Rio, she went on to win the gold medal again, becoming the first athlete to win two gold medals consecutively in the sport of trampoline.

canJOIn 2012, Canada’s relay team for the men’s 4×100 m. won the bronze medal, finishing triumphantly behind Jamaica and the U.S. Unfortunately, Canadian hearts were broken when their team was disqualified after a runner stepped on a line. However, this race foreshadowed years of success in Canadian track. In Rio, upcoming superstar Andre De Grasse, won silver in the 200m, bronze in the 100m, and bronze again in the men’s 4x100m. In addition, decathlete Damian Warner and heptathlete Brianne Theisen Eaton both finished with a bronze medal in their respective events.

Swimming was another Canadian-dominated event (if you ignore Katie Ledecky’s endless gold medals) totalling six Olympic medals. 16-year-old Penny Oleksiak stunned viewers as she won Canada’s only gold and silver swimming medals. Deservedly so, she carried the Canadian flag in the closing ceremonies.

Canadians are honest when it comes to sport, so controversy doesn’t follow them easily. They avoid doping and corruption and therefore, negative international attention. This clean record supported by past Olympic host successes, has led Canada to discuss the bidding for host to the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. However, at the moment, Canada is determined to celebrate the success of their Olympians in Rio while it lasts.

– by our Canadian correspondant