Can Greece stay in the EU?

Since 2010, Greece is on the verge of collapse. Now many people con,sider the option of kicking Greece out of the Eurozone or the EU, and even some Greek parties want that to happen.

So the question is: can Greece still be a member of the EU/ Eurozone?

Here are some articles that sum-up the opinions of different countries. 

Greek crisis: Hungarian views

drapeau hongrie

We were a little bit surprised after we had got to know that we would have to write about this question. Nothing gives cause for retirement of Greece from the EU, and it’s most unlikely that Greece will leave the European Union. An opportunity presented itself that...Read More »

The Greek crisis: French opinion

drapeau france

“Will Greece leave the European Union?” That’s the kind of headline one can catch daily on every national channel of French television. The French actually seem to look at the situation as outsiders, watching and commenting.

        France, despite being one...Read More »

The Greek crisis: an American insight

Drapeau US

 Since the Greek crisis in 2010, some people consider the option of kicking out Greece from the Eurozone, and some even want Greece out of the EU. We conducted an online poll to se the opinion of the people over this question. In France, member of the EU, every...Read More »