Brexshit: reaction of the British youth

uk flagThe Word Document doesn’t want to register the title of this article as a legitimately recognised British word. Brexshit stands underlined in red. The word “Brexit”, however, doesn’t cause any problem. Microsoft has clearly got it all wrong, and by that I mean if any word is correct, right and true, it’s Brexshit. This term, coined by social media, reflects pretty much my resentment and indignation as a 17 year old Londoner. Disgusted at three particular things (and this is a summary):

  • My generation’s voice not being rightfully heard (this referendum should have been open to those under 18, it’s our future at stake now)
  • The cunning, cynical and frankly grotesque “Leave” campaign which capitalised on the discontent of the lower social classes. “Take back control”, they said. “You’re weak and the EU is manipulating you.” Oh well guess what; all politics manipulate and don’t you go telling me otherwise. And by the way, who promised to donate so many million pounds per month to the NHS rather than spend them on the EU? And didn’t keep that promise? Oh yes, that’s you, Farage.
  • The incomparably weak and shameful leave (literally) of arrogant, scheming Boris Johnson who, knowing very well his promises were impossible to keep, hadn’t predicted his victorious outcome. Indeed you didn’t know Boris? Never thought you would manage to successfully mislead the workers of traditional labour areas, those not half as privileged and well educated as you, and thus more easily influenced?

Now let’s have a laugh; aside from the cynical yet blatant truth that the pro Brexit population consists of poorly educated workers, xenophobes and 110 year olds, let’s have a look at their reasons for voting “Leave”. One of my friends’ grandmother chose to vote “leave” because whenever she goes shopping for clothes, she can’t get her head round the European sizes. “I don’t understand what they mean”, she says despairingly. What a sorrow! Weep, granny, weep, you’ll get your UK sizes soon enough, you’ll see! Regardless of putting her granddaughter’s future in jeopardy, unnecessarily complicating ALL matters, she wants the last months of her life to be as British as possible. But to all my fellow students reading this, pray you be not alarmed. This isn’t the English mindset. Not, at least, the way I have known it. Not, at least, in London. There has been an outburst of hate crimes since Brexit, all the bigoted thugs seeing their narrow win as a victory over immigration and the French, Polish and Italians taking their jobs. But rest assured, London will REMAIN; remain open to discussion, open to foreigners, open to refugees, open to hope and to progress. It is no surprise that there have already been two major protests organised in Central London since the Brexit vote. “What do we want: EU. When do we want it? Now!” has been our chant for the last three weeks, and it isn’t even close to diminishing. There have been propositions of turning London into a City State like Gibraltar. There have been talks about having a new referendum. And we can conclude as following: forgive our fellow Englishmen for they know not what they do.

by William H.