The Brexit: global reactions

On June 23rd, 2016, British citizens were asked the following question:

The proposition “Leave the European Union” won, receiving 17.4 million votes, in other words 52% of the votes.

David Cameron, British Prime Minister, led the campaign for Britain to stay in the EU, and announced after the result that he would resign. He said he would not formally begin the process of leaving the EU himself, and would leave that to his successor.

The US and the Brexit

As the results of the Brexit referendum turned out to be in its favor, the United States’ two political parties reacted very differently. While the Democrats, especially Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, were disappointed by...Read More »

Brexit: The Effect on France

 On June, 23 United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union (EU). This decision launched a wave of discussions in France concerning the future of the EU and therefore French adhesion.

Francois Hollande and British Premierminister David Cameron

Indeed, there are two sides in...Read More »

Brexit: a Hungarian point of view

“The decision is yours, but I would like you to know that Hungary is proud to stand with you as a member of the European Union.” These were the words of Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán Viktor published in the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ before...Read More »

Will the Brexit affect Brazil?


What is the connection between the departure of the United Kingdom of the European Union and Brazilians?

The announcement of the referendum that took the United Kingdom out of the European Union ( EU) affected Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and many others originally from the...Read More »

Brexit: What it means for Germany

And then it happened. What everyone thought unthinkable, became reality. In a Referendum on Thursday last week The United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union – a concept for peace and economic prosperity after a century of worldwide war and conflict. The...Read More »

USA: How Brexit Reflects a Shifting Climate

Last week, a monumental event occurred, leaving the United Kingdom severed from the European Union. The split marks a new era in revolutionary ideas, in which the large masses are calling the shots. An event orchestrated by the people for the people reflects the growing unrest of...Read More »

Brexshit: reaction of the British youth

The Word Document doesn’t want to register the title of this article as a legitimately recognised British word. Brexshit stands underlined in red. The word “Brexit”, however, doesn’t cause any problem. Microsoft has clearly got it all wrong, and by that I mean if any word is...Read More »