Brexit: The Effect on France

uk flag On June, 23 United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union (EU). This decision launched a wave of discussions in France concerning the future of the EU and therefore French adhesion.

Francois Hollande and British Premierminister David Cameron

Indeed, there are two sides in France : people who regret the Brexit and want France to stay in the EU ; and people who desire the opposite of this. As French people are mostly pessimistic, 53% of them want to organise the same referendum as UK did (highest rate in EU), and 44% considered that UK had to leave EU (highest rate too). The main reason is that French people don’t really accept the exceptions accorded to UK (24% – lowest rate) ; they are also not afraid of the future of UK (27% are concerned, it’s again the lowest rate in EU).

Concerning the government, he united with the others country in order to accelerate the UK’s « leave » process. Indeed, the « new » EU want to turn the page, to calm financial markets, among others.
This unprecedented event promise to cause scars in the EU, especially in France. To be followed.
– by Marin E.