Brazil: The struggle of women today


Thanks to the struggle for equal rights fought over the last century, the contemporary woman accumulates functions previously delegated to men only. As a result of increased professional responsibilities and workload, working women often feel anguished in the face of so many demands. Sacrifices must be made, and, often striving for perfection in all areas of their lives, including family, work, health, and beauty, many women face a strong sense of guilt at not granting some areas as much attention as they deserve.

Beyond the expectations imposed, there are also external pressures: the children want exclusive dedication,
the husband wants an attractive and friendly wife, the boss expects a competent professional, etc.. To meet so many demands, the modern woman has to make a superhuman effort and yet, in most cases, does not achieve the desired success. Given this context, the question remains: what to do to live a guilt free life in a world with so many pressures? The ideal is to be aware that perfection is rarely achieved and that women (like men) have limits that must be respected. Knowing how to balance the energy invested in different areas of life allows a woman to take care of herself, her family and her business satisfactorily, even if not to achieve perfection in any of these areas.

Accepting personal limitations enables women to recognize the need to share responsibilities with others and to ask for help when needed. All this contributes to leading a less anguished and more even life. Thus, with the arrival of International Women’s Day, free yourself from unrealistic expectations and, instead of demanding perfection, recognize your own limits. This will lead to better self-respect and will allow you to live more coherently and realistically, not demanding of yourself more than you are able to offer. More important than being a failure-free superwoman, is knowing how to face your obligations without stress and to attend to the various areas of your life in a balanced manner.

-by Dijamilly R.