Brazil in its Olympics

Flag_of_BrazilNumerous incidents widely discussed in the national as well as international press already formed an ill-boding future for Brazil in the Rio Olympic Games. Starting with the Zika virus, it was soon followed by the scandalously polluted Bay of Guanabara, the unfinished repairs in the Olympic Village, the one backyard contractor for surveillance at airports, and the financial distress call issued by the state in response to the chaotic situation of Olympic preparations, only a month and a half before the Games’ opening. The cherry on top of the cake, the Islamic State even had its share in the Rio Olympics’ catastrophic failure.

Despite all odds, these complications have seemed to resolve themselves and no event of extreme gravity took place, as was initially imagined. On Friday, August the 5th, the spectacular Opening Ceremony hoisted Brazil back up in its inhabitants’, and the world’s, esteem, highlighting its bedazzling assets.

Brazil confronted its haunting ghost of decline in its initially promising potential in fulfilling this task and even surpassed what the world expected from the emerging country. With the best medal tally in its history: 19 in total, with seven gold, and the 13th place in the final ranking . In 2012, in London, we were 22 ° in Beijing (in 2008), we arrive at 23 °. The best position so far was the Athens Olympics in 2004, when Brazil was in 16th.

Of the 19 medals won, 7 are gold (soccer, volleyball beach, volleyball, judo, boxing, athletics, sail), 6 silver (beach volleyball, artistic gymnastics, speed boating, shooting sports), 6 bronze (judo, artistic gymnastics, speed boating, aquatic marathon, taekwondo).

– by Djamilly R.