For The Student's Mail's birthday, we asked each of our most active contributors to write a few lines about what they would like to see change in the world. We will post one paragraph per day on this page, so make sure to visit it regularly to hear from our brilliant contributors. Enjoy!

Myia M - editor from the US

I want to change the way people see nature. I recently watched the Planet Earth 2 episodes and I was so amazed by how beautiful yet at the same time harsh our world is. The way we treat other people reflects on the world around us. With so much hate and wars, the world around us suffers too. I want there to be peace not only amongst our civilizations, but also amongst us and nature. I hope that one day people can wake up and see the beautiful world around them that is also fighting to survive."

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Alex J - editor from Canada

“While there are many things I’d like to change about the world, the one thing I want to change the most is the way technology changes human interaction. In so many social situations the reflex is to pull out our phones instead of focusing on the people we are with. I want to change the fact that less people are living in the moment and are more are living through their technology. It really is one of the most pressing issues in the 21st century."

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Louise V - writer from the US

“I wish my country’s government was more eager to act than it is to promise something. What happened yesterday in Florida is a prime example of politicians saying reassuring things to get elected, yet they failed to protect their own country; I would want to actually see some change for once.”

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Maria S - writer from Poland

"In Poland, the government has never taken environmental issues seriously. Sadly, it seems to be a trend in more and more countries. Every year, the climate is under greater pressure due to the combustion of fossil fuels and other types of destructive human impact. Hopefully, the leaders, as well as the citizens of the world’s nations, will realize that the planet we live on only has one life."

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Painting Poland:

Lőrinc F - writer from Hungary

"I dream of a stronger international cooperation or integration, or simply of a stronger UN or EU. I wish this supranational organization could protect human rights all over the world and force political and economical leaders to follow the principles of sustainable development. "

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Isaac R - writer from Guatemala

“The world is a place with severe deep-rooted issues. It takes time and work to fix even the smallest matter. For this reason, many smaller problems are often ignored or forgotten, but they shouldn’t be. Poor city reconstruction is a perfect example of a small, ignored issue. The time it takes to fix a hole in the road, or to put up a lamp post is unacceptable. With better training, and better management, this could easily be fixed, and it should be fixed."

Isaac is a new contributor; he hasn't written any articles yet, but his first one is coming out soon!

Issy M - writer from the UK

"If I could change one thing it would be the attitude to sustainability. The world we live in is perfect for us; we spend too much time exploring space to find somewhere new to live. We should focus on removing plastic from the oceans and our daily lives, increase renewable resource use and educate people on the current inevitability of climate change."

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Charles B - coder from the US

“If I had to change one thing, it would be the way governments handle problems. I think governments should try to take more into account what their citizens experience rather than acting superficially."

Schirin H - manager from Germany

“If I could change something in this world, it would be the attitude of the German government towards poverty. Germany is a rich country and nevertheless ever fifth child is threatened by destitution. It has been scientifically proven that these children have a much higher risk to stay in poverty throughout their whole life! The situation of Germans labour market and its financial situation have scarcely been better before, so the new government will have every means to fight back – however, the current coalition programme falls short of many expectations…”

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Hugo Bucquet - manager from France

"One thing I would like to change is the way people look at each other. I think that people are too focused on their own person and own experiences, and usually don't pay attention or try to understand others. This is why I joined The Student's Mail, to interact with students different from me me and show readers what is happening in other countries."