Ban the BURKINI? – Dress Codes around the world


Burka-Ban:Dress Codes in Germany

 When entering a German school, one can expect to see everything from students in hot pants to students rocking a Pikachu-onesie. Students come dressed as if they have a business meeting, or they arrive in yoga pants. Their creativity, concerning their choice of wardrobe, doesn’t know any...Read More »

Why the Burkini was banned in France

 The ban of the “Burkini” on several French public beaches caused a debate this summer, amongst politicians and individuals alike. The Burkini (a synthesis of the  words Burqa and Bikini) was originally designed,...Read More »

Clothing Regulations in the US

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Many Americans were elated when the French Supreme Court overturned a ban on burkini’s, a very modest form of swimwear for those whose religion does not permit any other kind of dress. By US principles, bans on clothing, whether it be men or women, are...Read More »

Tunisia: "Freedom of the dress?!"

  Dress codes and personal freedom have always been a source of conflict in Tunisia. Although Tunisia has been a liberated country since the beginning of time, both of the presidents who ran the country before the revolution exerciced their authority over the conservative and religious Muslims....Read More »

Wearing a Burka in Poland

On the global (European) as well as international scale, the recent burkini ban introduced in France spurred great controversy, especially amongst those debating the extent to which the French legal system should regulate the national dress code.

Conceived by Australian-Lebanese fashion designer Aheda Zanetti, the burkini...Read More »

Canada's heated debate about dress codes

Canada, a democratic utopia, is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Canadian culture has become affiliated with exotic sights, smells, and sounds. It may come as a shock that of all countries, Canada too, has had heated debates over dress codes, dictating...Read More »

"Vermummungsverbot" in Germany


 As we all know, the influx of refugees has once again left its mark on this summer.

Not only was it a big deal concerning the Brexit, but also in relation to the increasing terror attacks in Europe.

The growing fear in society raised...Read More »

How to dress in Germany


The question whether muslim women allowed to wear burkinis in public, is not only discussed in France, it is also a very big topic in Germany. Some politicians represent the opinion that women cannot be integrated very well when they wear burkas or anything of...Read More »