As I scratched

As I scratched

The earth crumbled silently

Drifting away, free from the clasp

Of an unsparing grasp,

Like neutrons tearing from the nucleus, breaking from the mold

My sweaty palm grasped the earth,

the scenery blurred under the scorching heat.

The wind swept back my hair, and the grains fell and fell upon the grass

When finally – I touched it

My child’s eyes and child fingers stroked the smooth ebony,

clutching the leathery wood surrounding my secrets,

until they went red.

Burning my neck,

Horus cast his scorching gaze upon my blasphemy

For as we sat, innocent and pretty,

I had sworn never

To open the box.

The metal clicked, sharp as the blade in my heart

And the outpour was tremendous


screamed in my face,

As I found the results,

 Of her demise, and my


    by Emma Roux de Luze