Art in the World

Art is everywhere. Music, plays, graffiti, paintings, photography, are prominent in all cultures and countries. There is a rich history in certain parts of the world pertaining to art as it forms an integral part of their identity. What kind of art is there in your country? How has it evolved over time? Who are some famous artists? Are their particular motivations behind the production of art (e.g. religious, political etc.)? Where can you go to see or experience art?

Painting Poland...

It is not an easy task to sum up an entire country’s art in a single article. That...Read More »

A Tunisian Insight

Art is everywhere. Whatever the country, this rule holds true, and Tunisia is no exception; but what is exactly Art? Upon hearing the word, I think of Tunisia. It is indeed not uncommon to hear that Tunisian art was born after the Revolution. In fact, we have several...Read More »