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Chaos in Guatemala

Driving in Guatemala is extremely difficult. In comparison, driving in the United States is like driving go-karts. There are many deep-rooted issues that prevent Guatemala from having a working traffic system. Guatemala City was not designed to grow at the rate that it did. It was originally...Read More »

What about Tunisia?

Driving in Tunisia can be compared to driving bumper cars. Indeed, most Tunisians drive in a crazy way, which is generally because they do not wait at the traffic light,thus running a red light, or not paying attention to the traffic and road signs. To put it...Read More »

The experience of a young American driver

In the United States, driving is very prevalent because everyone needs a car to get around. In most big cities, like Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, it is almost impossible to get from one part of the city to another without driving; people even have to drive...Read More »

Driving in the UK

The pass rate for the UK driving test is 47.1% – a daunting figure for any 17 year old considering taking their driving test. The speed limits in urban areas are generally 30 mph with the highest speed limit in dual carriageways is 70 mph for cars....Read More »

Social media and Hungarian politics

As the number of Hungarian Facebook users is increasing at an astonishing pace, political parties and politicians are discovering the possibilities of social media sites. Compared to Western countries, they realized the importance of an online presence later but now, they use this kind of political propaganda...Read More »

Why are social media so important in Japan?

Today, information processing devices such as phones and computers are widely used in daily life. In Japan, most people, including children, bring these devices wherever they go, and probably wouldn’t be able to spend a day without them.

But why are such devices so important...Read More »

How social media can oppose the government in Poland

When asked what role social media plays in my country, I immediately think of all the protests, strikes, and discussions made possible thanks to these networks. They provide an open platform for exchanging views, which is not always a productive experience, but which certainly can be eye-opening...Read More »

Social Media in Germany

Germany needs to catch up with digitalisation! – This was one of the slogans used by various political parties to win the parliamentary elections last year. And it is indeed a major concern in economy and society that progress in digitalisation is too slow. Around 85 %...Read More »

France, a country with potential

In the Winter Olympics, France is mostly hyped for its brilliant biathlonist, Martin Fourcade. The 11-times world champion is expected to bring home a gold medal in biathlon, completing his 4 Olympic medal collection.

In the 2014 Winter Olympics, France won a record of 15...Read More »

Winter Olympics in Japan

My mother country, Japan, usually performs really well at the Winter Olympics. Although Japan only won eight medals during the last Winter Games, Japanese athletes are very talented, and are expected to do a lot better this year.

Given the results from last years, I...Read More »

Two American Perpectives

The winter Olympic Games will be on from February 9th to the 25th of the same month in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Sixteen days during which athletes from around the world will have to prove their worth in seven sports and fifteen disciplines, from alpine skiing to luge...Read More »

A Polish Insight

Poland is one of the countries that have never missed the Winter Olympics. From the inception of the Games in 1924, Poland has competed every single time often winning multiple medals.

The discipline Poles are the best at is ski jumping. In Polish, it is often referred to as “flying”....Read More »

What about the UK?

As the world turns its eyes towards Pyeongchang, the UK will experience a rare bout of patriotism. The winter Olympics this year will be attended by 60 athletes competing in events from curling to figure skating. With Team Great Britain’s winter games medal record standing at four...Read More »

Hungary at the Winter Olympic Games!

Hungary has not had great results at the Winter Games, due to its weak geographical capacities (only one mountain higher than...Read More »

The Winter Olympics 2018 – a German perspective

In 2011 the chances were high to have this year’s Olympics in Munich....Read More »

A beautiful poem from Poland

What is Christmas?
Christmas used to be running down the stairs in the morning to find presents under the tree.
It used to be singing carols so often that the lyrics would get stuck in your head for weeks.
Or taking part in the school’s concert;
Dancing in...Read More »

Tunisian Celebrations

In Tunisia, we receive the new year with special celebration and festivals.  At the beginning of December, people start to think about according to which traditions they will celebrate the new year. Each family places decorations in front of their houses in the streets, the national flag is raised and...Read More »

A Quote from the UK

‘We are thee lives touched, we are the world we have changed, we are more than here.’ -Tyler Knott Gregson

Happy Holidays!

by Issy M. 

...Read More »

Christmas in the US

Just like every other holiday, Christmas in the United States is a big deal. I mean, a really big deal. As soon as the Thanksgiving break is over, people throw every turkey and every last ounce of mashed potatoes away to begin a month-long, intense preparation that...Read More »

German Christmas is full of traditions!

Preparations begin in November when every family sets up the Christmas calendar and...Read More »

What about Poland?

In Poland, Christmas is celebrated in virtually every household. With the majority of the population belonging to the Christian Church, many choose to celebrate religiously. However, there are a number of families who, even though they are not a part of the Church, still celebrate  Christmas culturally.

Read More »

Christmas in Japan

Do you believe in Santa? According to the Google Home mini, Santa lives in Antarctica during winter season, then...Read More »

An ancient tradition in the UK

Halloween in the UK can be traced back to the Celtic traditions and festival called Samhain. This traditional festival has been replicated to the modern day Halloween which is celebrated around the world.

Halloween is now the only socially acceptable time for young children to accept sweets from strangers, whilst...Read More »

Halloween in Tunisia...

The celebration of Halloween is a celebration in which ancient and present times...Read More »

A Polish Insight

In Poland, Halloween has only recently been started to be celebrated. My friends from North America have always told me about the many events happening on the 31st of October in their countries. Since they were little kids, they dressed up, carved pumpkins, and went trick-or-treating. I did...Read More »

Halloween, a very popular festival in the US

Halloween in the United States is a major part of the culture. Around mid-September, the first products make their appearance in stores: you can find costumes of all sorts, tons of candy, and pumpkin everywhere. And I really mean everywhere: on every doorstep, in stores, in the...Read More »

Painting Poland...

It is not an easy task to sum up an entire country’s art in a single article. That...Read More »

A Tunisian Insight

Art is everywhere. Whatever the country, this rule holds true, and Tunisia is no exception; but what is exactly Art? Upon hearing the word, I think of Tunisia. It is indeed not uncommon to hear that Tunisian art was born after the Revolution. In fact, we have several...Read More »

The Power of Harry Potter: a British Phenomenon

British entertainment culture is somewhat iconic—perhaps due to our accent’s allure, actors themselves, or simply the way in which we portray ourselves to the world. We have created films and TV shows which have cemented themselves in the lives of people, among which surfaces one phenomenon in particular: the Harry...Read More »

The Polish Cinema

When I think about my country’s culture, the first thing that pops into my mind is its cinematography. We have (and had) among us outstanding artists who became famous worldwide. The work they created amazes many but remains unknown to even more. So in this article, I want...Read More »

The Natural Threats in Japan

Earthquakes are one of the most horrible disaster in the world. Like many other catastrophes, they destroy people’s life. As my homeland, Japan, has been forever threatened by earthquakes, the Japanese Government has taken action to reduce incurred damages. Here are some of them.

In 1995, Japanese governments announced...Read More »

What about Germany?

“Worldwide most expensive natural disaster hit Germany” – this was the heading of a German newspaper article...Read More »

Natural Disasters in the UK

The most intense natural threat in the UK is stereotypical. The rain causes floods which overflow the sewers into the streets, stop children from going to school and generally shut down an area for a few weeks. Someone told me that we had an earthquake in Kent a...Read More »

A Tunisian Insight

Today, there are many natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and floods. Hurricane Harvey in America and floods in India,...Read More »

Nature and its Threats to Poland

If asked the question: what are the threats posed by nature in Poland?, most people wouldn’t come up with a recurrent problem right away. That is because of the country’s relatively safe geological location. When people think about natural disasters, the images that come...Read More »

Energy Production in Hungary

 The situation of energy production and energy consumption is a bit special in Hungary. The distribution of energy consumption...Read More »

Global Warming in Afghanistan - A Problem Unconsidered

Thanks to Facebook for reminding Afghan citizens that the temperature has passed 36 Celsius degrees in Kabul. It was unprecedented that one day Kabul will witness such intolerable hot days. As it is common in the country, the population was complaining about the hot weather everywhere. But...Read More »

Festivals in Tunisia

Douz showcases the talents of its inhabitants through sword fencing, desert trips on camels, and many other...Read More »

Bon-Odori, a Traditional Festival in Japan

Festivals have always been a great part in Japanese culture; most festivals have a specific meaning, and prompt people to pray for good harvests, wealth, and prosperity. Here is one of the most popular and traditional festival in Japan.

Among many festivals, “Bon-Odori” is one of the most common...Read More »

A Vacation Guide to Canada

If you are looking to spend your summer in an exciting new place that hasn’t yet been exploited by waves of tourists,...Read More »

Festivals in Canada

Summer Festivals in Toronto

Looking to visit Canada while its warm? This year might be the best year to do so, as Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday on July 1st. This means cities around the country have planned additional fun events to celebrate. Canada has even developed a...Read More »

Eids - A Great Tradition in Afghanistan

How young Afghan villagers celebrate Eids?

In Afghanistan, every single Muslim person celebrates Eids, but the celebrations differs from one region to the next. Generally, Muslims celebrate the twin EidsEid Al-fitr and Eid al-Adha– twice a year with a two months gap between each. Different philosophies lie behind these celebrations....Read More »

Hungarian Festivals

Read More »

A French Celebration: the Music Fest

If you were to visit France right now, you would have barely missed — by a week or...Read More »

German Festivals - old and new

Ask any German Student how they will spend their summer and you can be very confident that they’ll answer, “I...Read More »

Festivals in the United States

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Career vs. Family - a german dilemma

In modern german society, the image of the ´perfect´ family does not exist anymore. Over the past decades, the ideal has changed extremely. Women are meant to be more self-confident and have worked to become independent from men. Not only the role of women has changed, but also...Read More »

A diverse Family spectrum in the US

The definition of family is changing in the United States. While the number of traditional married families has declined, cohabitation, remarriage, and divorce are on the rise. This change is mainly due to this independence that women have gained during the last decades: while in the 1950s, most births...Read More »

Preserving Biodiversity in Brasil


Over time, man has greatly accelerated the rate of extinction of species, to the point of having become, at the moment, the main agent of extinction. In part, this situation is due to the misuse of natural resources, which has triggered a new cycle of extinction unprecedented in...Read More »

Wildlife at risk in the USA

Between, deer, bears, hawks and pythons, the United States has some of the most diverse fauna in the world. However, for the last few years, Americans have been neglecting the environment, which has badly affected its fauna. Indeed, America’s fuel consumption has more than tripled in the last...Read More »

Caricature Culture in Afghanistan

Caricatures are a way many artists express the impact political, cultural, and other events have made on their minds. In Afghanistan, Caricatures are intensely censored, and in 2014, there were 500 daily newspapers, weeklies and other newspapers in which caricatures were barely printed. Most Caricaturists prefer to post Caricatures...Read More »

US - Art vs. Caricature

Art and cartoons in the United States have always been very important. In fact, the US has a reputation for having the best art museums in the world, including the national Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the San Francisco Museum of Modern art and the Seattle...Read More »

The Executioner of Liberty

A white man with blond hair, an orange face and a suit and tie, in his one hand the head of the Statue of Liberty, in the other hand a butcher’s knife with blood on it. Next to him run the words “America First”.

This is what...Read More »

ART and Cartoons in Canadian Politics

The Canadian art scene may be one of the lesser known ones on a grand scale. However, we have a long history of visual art, which is important to discuss. An integral part of Canadian identity is the Aboriginal culture. This is no less true in Canadian...Read More »

Satire as Therapy

Humor in politics, like cartoons or sketches, plays an important role in French media, especially around election time, such as now. Sketches are performed by several humorists (such as Nicolas Canteloup or Laurent Gerra, famous imitators) on different radio stations and television shows. Satirical cartoons are published...Read More »

What (young) Brazilians can look forward to

  • Just Dance is one of the great highlights of Ubisoft at BGS 2016. It announced that the dance game will come out on October 25 for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. One of the novelties is the inclusion of not only...Read More »

Ivory Coast: Something new is in the air…

This year, Ivory Coast welcomes its first aeronautical school. The INP-HB (Institut National Polytechnique Houphouët-Boigny, National Polytechnical Institute of Houphouët-Boigny), located in Yamoussoukro, aims at training African plane pilots in cooperation with the Airways College.

The agreement, signed on January 11, 2017 by Mr Koffi N’guessan, the director of the INP-HB,...Read More »

France at the crossroads - Election 2017

For France, 2017 is a year of anticipation, hope, and worry. One major event, among others, is the presidential election. Francois Hollande, the very unpopular Socialist President, has decided not to represent himself, the first single term president to take such a decision, and the country’s fate is...Read More »

Tunisia's bright future

The international economics conference Tunisia 2020; Road to Inclusion, Sustainability, and Efficiency took place at 29th and 30th of November 2016. This conference is held by the Tunisian, French and Qatari governments. 70 Countries from all over the world participated, including Germany, Canada, Turkey, Algeria, Malaysia, the USA, Switzerland, and...Read More »

A Promising year for the US

The Brexit and Trump’s election are both events symbolic of how 2016 turned out to be a very unpredictable year; nevertheless, there are a few things we can expect in the US for 2017. First of all, Donald Trump will officially become President of the United States,...Read More »

The Elbphilharmonie - Germany's Statue of Liberty

At  110 meters,  the glass colossus rises up out of the harbor in Hamburg, with its wave-like roof, and the shape t a great ship being firmly anchored in the harbor.

The substructure is an old building from the so-called “Speicherstadt” in which goods used to be stored....Read More »

Elections and religious celebrations in Germany

On February 12th, 2017 a special committee – the “Bundesversammlung” – will decide on the new German president. After five years of service the current president, Joachim Gauck, decided to leave office due to his advanced age. In Germany, the president represents the state but has only...Read More »

Student Protests in Afghanistan

On May 2013 we witnessed history when hundreds of students from Kabul University marched for their very basic right of being a student and the standardization of educational system in the university.  All the students’ demands and problems were reckoned to be quite similar, but the 80 students...Read More »

Student protests in France

France has seen many students protests, the biggest one occurring in May 1968 and lasted two months. Parisian students began protesting in their universities against the authority of the government, its moral austerity and capitalism. They demanded more freedom and more rights for women. Those protests were influenced by...Read More »

Education concerns in Germany

If you search “student movement Germany,“ you won’t find any coloured pictures of students protesting for more money, a more developed educational sector or cheaper tuition rates. What you will find are black-and-white pictures from the sixties, when thousands of German students formed the so-called “extra-parliamentary opposition”....Read More »

American students protesting

Although many people ignore students’ opinion and involvement in politics, most of US students clearly reacted and publicly expressed themselves after Trump’s election. On Tuesday, November 9th, 2000 high school and middle school students poured out of class and crowded DC’s streets to...Read More »

2017 Climate Action in the US

During the Cop 22, taking place in Marrakesh, it has been said that the year 2016 is “very likely” to be the hottest year in history. Indeed, the global temperature will be 1.2 °C higher than temperatures for pre-industrial earth, which comes really close to the 1.5 limit...Read More »

Germany: A long term Climate Change Protection Plan

In order to reach the goals agreed on in Paris at last year’s COP21, to keep the global warming lower than 2°C, the German government, led by Federal Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks, wanted to come up with a strategic plan. This “climate protection plan 2050” has...Read More »

Is Canada really that green?

You might think that, as second largest country in the world, with a population equal to that of the State of California, and its reputation as one of the cleanest nations in the world, Canada would naturally be unanimously vegan and worship Mother Earth. Shockingly, Canada is ranked...Read More »

Brazil at COP22 - Fighting Deforestation

The Brazilian delegation participating in the COP 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, called for greater financial support for emerging countries to reduce deforestation and protect forests. The goal is to stop the emission of greenhouse gasses. The Brazilian participation in the 22nd Framework Conference of the Parties on Climate...Read More »

The COP22 Conference - a summary

Every year, nearly two hundred nation gather to work on the issues of climate change. The 22nde Conference of Parties (or COP 22) is taking place in 2017 in Marrakech. These international summits are often full of hope and good intentions. Each year, a great compromise...Read More »

Students get involved - inspiration from Germany

What can students do in school?

In this article, I want to write about our “Schülervertretung“ (short form: SV). The SV represents all the students at our school. That means we fight for their rights and interests. Everybody can help us with our work. But what exactly do we...Read More »

Burka-Ban:Dress Codes in Germany

 When entering a German school, one can expect to see everything from students in hot pants to students rocking a Pikachu-onesie. Students come dressed as if they have a business meeting, or they arrive in yoga pants. Their creativity, concerning their choice of wardrobe, doesn’t know any...Read More »

Why the Burkini was banned in France

 The ban of the “Burkini” on several French public beaches caused a debate this summer, amongst politicians and individuals alike. The Burkini (a synthesis of the  words Burqa and Bikini) was originally designed,...Read More »

Clothing Regulations in the US

bitcoin us1

Many Americans were elated when the French Supreme Court overturned a ban on burkini’s, a very modest form of swimwear for those whose religion does not permit any other kind of dress. By US principles, bans on clothing, whether it be men or women, are...Read More »

Tunisia: "Freedom of the dress?!"

  Dress codes and personal freedom have always been a source of conflict in Tunisia. Although Tunisia has been a liberated country since the beginning of time, both of the presidents who ran the country before the revolution exerciced their authority over the conservative and religious Muslims....Read More »

Wearing a Burka in Poland

On the global (European) as well as international scale, the recent burkini ban introduced in France spurred great controversy, especially amongst those debating the extent to which the French legal system should regulate the national dress code.

Conceived by Australian-Lebanese fashion designer Aheda Zanetti, the burkini...Read More »

Canada's heated debate about dress codes

Canada, a democratic utopia, is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Canadian culture has become affiliated with exotic sights, smells, and sounds. It may come as a shock that of all countries, Canada too, has had heated debates over dress codes, dictating...Read More »

"Vermummungsverbot" in Germany


 As we all know, the influx of refugees has once again left its mark on this summer.

Not only was it a big deal concerning the Brexit, but also in relation to the increasing terror attacks in Europe.

The growing fear in society raised...Read More »

How to dress in Germany


The question whether muslim women allowed to wear burkinis in public, is not only discussed in France, it is also a very big topic in Germany. Some politicians represent the opinion that women cannot be integrated very well when they wear burkas or anything of...Read More »

Canadian Women in the Olympics

 The Canadian Women’s soccer team after winning the bronze medal in Rio 2016   ©Canada Soccer

In the past, gender has hindered women from doing things like voting, wearing trousers, and having a serious career. In 2016, these simple habits are taken for granted, as they should...Read More »

Female Athletes - the pride and joy of Tunisia

It seems the Tunisian youth and especially women were inspired with this part of the country’s national anthem:

” When the people will to live,

Destiny must respond.

Oppression shall then vanish,

Fetters are certain to break.”

It makes their...Read More »

Like A Girl

‘You run like a girl’ – a phrase we’ve all heard at one point or another. A phrase that has demotivated women from competing in sports for years.

It seems that men have always dominated the world of athletics. But is that still true? Misogyny is still alive and...Read More »

Polish women in sports

People have been practicing sports since forever. Well, not all people as women were not allowed to watch or participate in the Olympic Games in ancient Greece. The first modern Games did allow women to compete either. In 1928, women were prohibited from running more...Read More »

Ivory Coast in the Olympics: historic games!

Among the twelve athletes that composed the Ivorian delegation, Marie Josée Ta lou, Ben Youssef Meite and Murielle Ahoure were carried the highest hopes for medals, competing in the 100 and 200 meters.

Sadly, none were able to make...Read More »

Brazil in its Olympics

Numerous incidents widely discussed in the national as well as international press already formed an ill-boding future for Brazil in the Rio Olympic Games. Starting with the Zika virus, it was soon followed by the scandalously polluted Bay of Guanabara, the unfinished repairs in the...Read More »

Canada at the 2016 Olympics

The Rio Olympics have been some of the most controversial; yet, when the time came for competition, the controversies were put aside as the world watched medals being won and records being broken.

Spending my summer in the U.S was as frustrating as ever;...Read More »

Afghanistan's Olympics

Afghanistan first attended the Olympic Games in Berlin, in 1936. Since then it is the 14th time Afghanistan appears in the Games. Despite many years of conflict and war showing no signs of ending, the Afghans have made three consecutive appearances at the...Read More »

Tunisia's Heroine

“Woman must not accept; she must challenge. She must not be told how to use her freedom; she must find out for herself. She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that within her which struggles for expression.”,...Read More »

Canada's Hero - a fighter till the end!

Everyone has a different idea of a national hero, and even citizens of the same country will likely have varying answers. As Canadians, the hero we all think of is Terry Fox.  As I don’t presume the rest of the world has heard of Terry Fox, I, as a...Read More »

A German hero

Goethe, Bismark, Luther, Einstein. These names will appear on your screen within a tenth of a second when you type in “German national heroes” in the google search bar. What big names! Goethe – probably the most influential european poet defining the 19th century’s literary movements,...Read More »

The Ivorian Hero

In Côte d’Ivoire people don’t need much to be happy. Their joy is not coming only from their achievements or their relatives, but some “heroes” contribute to their happiness. Talented people like our most famous artist, DJ Arafat, put happiness in the heart of the nation.

However,...Read More »

An "unusual" hero

If you were to open Google Translate this instant and type in the word “hero” so that it could be translated to Arabic, the word you would most probably get is بطل, or in English letters, Batal. The word, consistent with the grammatical rules of the Arabic language, references...Read More »

Fransisco Morazan: A hero, a martyr

“Union makes force.” This phrase briefly describes the ideals of one of the most courageous men in Latin America. Born in Tegucigalpa when Honduras was still a Spanish colony, Fransisco Morazan fought not only for his country, but also for the freedom of Central American nations.

Francisco...Read More »

Not Wilhelm Tell! - A Swiss national Hero

Jean-Henri Dunant (8 May 1828 – 30 October 1910) was a Swiss writer, social activist, founder of the Red Cross, and the first recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Already at a young age, his Calvinist parents had an enormous influence in Dunant’s personal values. For example, they believed that...Read More »

De Gaulle - A French Hero to be remembered

Every town or city in France has a street named after Charles de Gaulle. Indeed, he was one of the most influential French politicians. His actions transformed the country during WWII and while he was president, from 1958 to 1968. At first, he was “just” a French general who did...Read More »

An American Hero

Muhammad Ali

The United States’ extensive, complex, and shifting history has revealed many different powerful people whom people of different perspectives would name “American Heroes”. A truly influential person in this country’s history, whose impact was powerful both during and after his career, is one who...Read More »

Brazil's Hero: Santos Dumont

Alberto Santos Dumont (Palmyra, current Santos Dumont , July 20, 1873 – Guaruja, July 23, 1932 ) was an aeronaut, sportsman and Brazilian inventor.

Santos Dumont designed, built and flew the first dirigible balloons with gasoline engine. This merit you are guaranteed internationally for...Read More »

Euro Cup and more in France

Sport is a part of French culture, it is something truly important for people.

The national sport is soccer,  that many young athlete practice. But there are lots of sports performed in France : rugby, basketball, swimming, athletics… Sport is nowadays a...Read More »

Sports news in the US: between Basketball and Hockey

The two main sports that people are currently following in the US are basketballl (NBA) and hockey (NHL). In NBA, the season is almost over and the finals oppose the Golden States Warriors, almost undefeated this season (73 wins to 9 losses) to their ultimate...Read More »

High Hopes in German Sports

Soccer, soccer and more soccer. Germany is crazy about soccer. These days pubs and parks will be filled with people coming together to watch their team play in the Euro Cup, which is currently being held in France. Since the German Mannschaft won the World Championship in...Read More »

Sports season in Brazil

In addition to next year’s Olympics, the America’s Cup also has a great impact (because they are already happening and Brazil is considered the country of football, the population holds your attention). In 2016, being the host of the Olympics, Brazil has been striving intensively to better serve the athletes...Read More »

Religion in the UK

Religion comes from the Latin term “religere”, meaning “to bring people together”. Religion is etymologically about uniting people, forming a community (a group in which people fundamentally depend on one another).  Religion as a source of unity shapes society and orientates the guiding ideology. This doesn’t...Read More »

Religion in Switzerland

Secured by the Federal Constitution, religious freedom is a right that is protected in Switzerland. Important as it is, it was nonetheless not granted until the Swiss Republic’s creation in 1848; however, even then, a select few Christian religions only were included in the law ratifying that freedom....Read More »

Religion in Brazil

Religion in Brazil is very diverse and is characterized by syncretism. The Constitution provides for freedom of religion and the church and state are officially separated, with Brazil being a secular state. Brazilian law prohibits all forms of intolerance, and religious practice usually free in the...Read More »

Women in Mexico

Today, four out of ten women work and two out of ten provide the major part of their family’s income, according to the INEGI (statistics organization in Mexico). While 88.4% of men who are heads of family are in the work market, the percentage of working women...Read More »

Women in the US

According to many ideas from the past, women are less strong, less important and should stay at home, cooking and raising children. This was, indeed, the role of women in the antiquity. Nevertheless, as the time passed, those ideas have become completely untrue and the role of...Read More »

Brazil: The struggle of women today

Thanks to the struggle for equal rights fought over the last century, the contemporary woman accumulates functions previously delegated to men only. As a result of increased professional responsibilities and workload, working women often feel anguished in the face of so many demands. Sacrifices must be made, and,...Read More »

Role of women in Germany

Let’s get one thing straight from the start. Germany is a great place to live. Everyone can live freely, express their own opinion and practice their religion without facing discrimination. Unlike in many places throughout the world, women have access to (free!) education and to the job...Read More »

Women in France

drapeau france

The situation of women is rather positive in France compared to other countries.Their role have changed through the years. They were submitted to their husband, spending their time at home looking after the children and doing the washing up during centuries. Therefore, their situation did not enable them...Read More »

International Women's Day from Switzerland

In Switzerland, women achieved several important goals over past 50 years to ensure equal treatment. As one of the latest European countries, Switzerland’s legislature allowed women to vote on federal elections only since 1971. But it has constantly changed its laws to improve equal treatment ever since. Today, the law...Read More »

Women in India

According India’s constitution, women are legal citizens of the country and have equal rights with men. Because of lack of acceptance from the male dominant society, Indian women suffer immensely. Women complete the all of the domestic work,  and most of them are uneducated.

India is...Read More »

Traditions in Ivory Coast

The month of December is particularly festive in Ivory Coast. Indeed, every year since 2011 the capital city of Abidjan has been transformed into a city of light. Everywhere in the city, and especially in its business district, one can marvel at sculptures made of lights. Their...Read More »

Germany's economy

Germany has long been known for its strong economy. During the horrific EU economic crisis in 2011, it stayed strong and supported fellow countries such as Greece. In fact, Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world, following the US, China and Japan. Not bad...Read More »

Holidays in France

The Christmas holidays are very popular in France, as there are numerous public holiday days in December during which the French are in holiday but still get paid by their employers as if it were a regular working day (25th of December, 26th...Read More »

American holidays

In the United States, although most Americans celebrate Christmas, the way to celebrate the winter holidays depends on the culture and religion. Instead of wishing, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” everyone says, “Happy Holidays,” so as not to offend religions or be incorrect about what some...Read More »

Holidays: In Ethiopia...

The way to celebrate the  holidays in our country is by providing happiness for all family members and friends. We eat meat, bread, and Ethiopian tela.

by Kumlegn A.

...Read More »

Brazilian festivities

Here’s a list of the most important holidays celebrated in Brazil.

New Years Eve – The 31st of December to the 1st of January – On NYE Brazilians party a lot, drink Champagne, watch the fireworks and wear only white clothes to attract good energy.

Carnival – In February – In Carnival, Brazil...Read More »

Holidays in England

Did you know that England has the fewest public holidays in Europe?  It seems pretty tough to think there are only 8 days per year when banks, offices and factories are closed and the workers are entitled to a day’s rest, especially when compared to other European states....Read More »

Afghanese holidays

We have two special holiday in our country, Hid Adha and Hid Fetr. We also celebrate the first day of the year, lot of women and men come together. Women cook traditional food, Somanak, and men play different games like Bozkashi.

by Ajmal

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Winter celebrations in Mexico

mexico flag

The end of the year is a special time for holidays around the world, the most commonly celebrated one being Christmas which, in most countries, is celebrated in the same way. In Mexico, many other festivities are also commemorated, among which only a few are listed...Read More »

Holidays: what about Switzerland?


August 1st marks the celebration of Swiss National Day. The date is not random; the Federal Charter of 1291, one of the country’s most valuable founding documents, was dated around then. Legend says that in 1291, the first three cantons (Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden) took the Rütlischwur, an...Read More »

Holidays in Germany

Bratwurst, Gluehwein, Lebkuchen. If you live in the Western world, you have most likely heard these names before. Don’t remember where? Let me help you out. They refer to all the goodies you will find on a German Christmas Market. Think, cold December NIghts right before Christmas....Read More »

Brazil's position at the COP21

On 30 November at COP21, President Dilma Rousseff defended the dome climate in Paris. She related that the agreement against global warming to be signed at the conference is legally binding, as it was signed by the same countries intending to fulfill the mandates of the document.

Germany has long been considered a front-runner in terms of climate change and environmental politics. Since the Kyoto Agreement, Germany has been part of many International Alliances and Treaties, obliging to follow ambitious climate change goals. In the EU and internationally, Germany wants to be a good example for sustainability...Read More »

India and climate change

Climate change has become the major global challenge of this young century. For years, the search for solutions has run against a sharp North ­South divide over the historical emissions of developed countries and the parameters of what is termed, in the climate world, “common but differentiated responsibility” for developing...Read More »

Mexico accepting the challenge

Mexico’s relationship with climate change and stopping it is really close. In fact, Mexico owns an immense flora and fauna, north to south, jungle, forests, mountains and planes. Nevertheless, these haven’t been taken into account as they should have, which has obliged the government to take action on...Read More »

It's Obama VS. the rest in the climate Issue

As the statement says, “The world should take note that the climate summit in Paris later this year (COP21) may be the last effective opportunity to negotiate arrangements that keep human‐induced warming below 2‐degrees C, and aim to stay well below 2‐degree C for safety, ”COP21 is the opportunity to...Read More »

Another view of the French system

The French State is very implicated in its education system, making it for decades one of the world leaders in education. Thanks to Jules Ferry’s eminent laws on public education in 1882, primary school has, since then, not only been free, but also mandatory for 6 to...Read More »

Schools in Brazil

The ENEM, a Brazilian exam taken by students over the entire country.

In the final years of high school, students in Brazil have to pass the ENEM,  the equivalent of the American SAT. This standardized test...Read More »

In the US...

In the United States of America, most of the students plan to go to college after completing 4 years of high school. To do this, they need to prepare an application, which they will send to the university they are applying to. The 8 most prestigious...Read More »

Differences between the French and American systems

Having grown up in a mix of both cultures, I have become familiar with both the French and American university systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The French system is great – if you know exactly what you want to study. There is...Read More »

Education in Mexico

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Given that Mexico is a very large and populous country, with a population mostly between the ages of 15 and 25, it is only natural that the country is home to numerous higher education institutions. Mexican higher education institutions fall into many different...Read More »

Indian education

Today, India is known as a communication hub, and has become popular with international students from all over the world. It is highly attractive due to its forward thinking, its popularity with large multinational companies, and also due to English being the common...Read More »

What about education in the UK?

You have to be in England to see it. Every morning, at each corner, you notice a parent on their way to take their child to school, all dressed up in his nice uniform, most likely wearing a tie, and if a girl, a skirt by...Read More »

Higher Education in France

In France, the higher education system is very accessible and virtually free in all non-private schools; hence, even students with limited or inadequate financials can receive the same higher education as those far better equipped. Due to this, 78% of students who obtain their high...Read More »

The French system

The French government devotes the largest share of its budget to education; according to 2015 statistics, 146 billion euros (200 billion US dollars) are ascribed to education, which represents approximately 6,2% of French GDP. Based on these rates, one might think that education is a strong...Read More »

Visit Germany

1. Berlin

If you go to Germany, you have to visit Berlin. There is no way around it. Although the city has only been the nation’s capitol for about 25 years, it...Read More »

Visit the UK

The National gallery: In the heart of the West End, on Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery boasts internationally renowned masterpieces , with a particularly astonishing Renaissance collection including works by Da Vinci. You can make the most of the surroundings Read More »

Discover Portugal

In this article, I will describe the five places in Portugal by which you must absolutely stop if you are in the neighborhood. These aren’t ranked from one to five, so it’s up to you to decide on your favorite!

  • Zambujeira do Mar :

Nepal is a small mountain landlocked kingdom in the world. Even with its small area of 147,181 sq. km., Nepal holds 10 places as UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization) ‘World Heritage Sites’.
There are 830 properties in the World Heritage...Read More »

Top 5 places to see in India

1.The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a beautiful white marble mausoleum built in 1632 for the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (reigned 1628- 1658). It was intended to house the...Read More »

Where you MUST go in Brazil

  1. São Paulo

The city of São Paulo, located in the South-eastern portion of Brazil, is the biggest city in all of South America, with 11 million inhabitants. It is a destination that overflows with culture and remarkable things to see. When in...Read More »

A slice of Hungary

  1. Buda Castle: When you first set eyes on spectacular Buda Castle in Budapest, you’ll understand why so many people consider the city the “Paris of the East”. This spectacular historic landmark – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site –...Read More »

Where to go in Mexico?

  1. Taxco de Alarcón

This is a little town located in the state of Guerrero, to the south of the country, state known because of Acapulco city. Although Taxco is still far from the sea, it has a lot to offer. The...Read More »

Gay Marriage in the US

Drapeau US

Since Obama has taken office in 2008, he has made significant ideological shifts. Although his point of view has changed during his career, his policy now increasingly endorses gay marriage, as Valerie Jarrett, a White House adviser, said: “We are delighted with the fact that...Read More »