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How I mine bitcoins

Mining a cryptocurrency is the act of validating a transaction, by finding a hash less than a certain value (the hash has therefore to start with many zeros). There are multiple ways to mine different coins, but I chose to mine Bitcoin Cash with asic usb miners. Here...Read More »

Discovering Bitcoin Gold

 Last week, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) hard forked from Bitcoin (BTC). The slogan of the new cryptocurrency, “Make Bitcoin decentralized again”, shows very clearly the goal of BTG: to re-decentralize BTC.

“The intent behind the creation of Bitcoin Gold is to support true decentralization of Bitcoin, with the goal...Read More »

Surviving a cold winter in Canada - without proper shelter

As winter burns on (although, mildly in Toronto), the homeless and impoverished struggle to keep warm and find food. Wintertime in Canada is hard on all Canadians, but it is worse for people living without proper shelter and clothing.

Canada’s minimum wage ranges from around $10 to...Read More »

Poverty? No! Social inequality? Yes!

Many of my classmates spend their holidays in Dubai or the United States, drive the BMW or Mercedes of their parents to school and in their jean pockets they probably carry the latest smartphone. I do not go to an expensive private school in Berlin or live in an...Read More »

Number one killer in Afghanistan - Poverty!

Afghanistan’s people are generally divided into three groups. The top group, which contains businessmen and high-ranking government officials, most enjoy life. The middle group, which consists of shop-owners or other certain jobs, are struggling through life. The bottom group constantly works and is full of multitaskers. There is...Read More »

Can Donald Trump fight Poverty?

The war against poverty has always been a major issue in the United States. However, after Donald Trump’s election as the president of the United States, ending poverty may seem even more impossible. Indeed, Donald Trump has pledged not to trim social security benefits but also plans...Read More »

Fighting Poverty in Brasil

Brazil, because of its history of colonization, late development and economic dependence, besides old and recent internal problems, has a large number of people living below the poverty line. Thus, Brazil, representing an emerging underdeveloped country, has a high poverty rate.

According to official data...Read More »

Trade Agreements Brazil

Agreements are powerful tools for entering the best international non-Brazilian companies’ markets, via trade and via investments. These were necessary actions for 2015 as Brazilian exports, fell 15.1% in relation to 2014, during the fourth consecutive fall in exports.

Brazil has already started to make agreements with...Read More »

A hot debate over free trade in Germany

 Free trade agreements are treaties of international law that are supposed to guarantee the free trade among the states signing it. The main aim is to abolish customs duties so that the trading is made easier.

Germany already signed many of those...Read More »

US Trade Agreements

 Currently here in the United States, a lot has been put on trade agreements and trade deals that have been made and how the new presidential nominees will deal with them and whether they agree with them or not. Most of these deals have roots...Read More »

Canada and International Trade

“Sharing is caring.” This is what my dad tells me every time I bring home some Chipotle, and what I say when he gets his coffee from Starbucks. In a way, my dad and I are trading partners. I am Canada and he, being a...Read More »

Illegal flows in France

Illegal trafficking is a problem for every country in the world, but it can take a lot of different forms, which makes it very difficult to fight on an international scale.

In France, illegal trafficking is mostly present under...Read More »

Ivory Coast: Illegal Drugs

Illegal trafficking is one of many pains from which African countries suffer, and Ivory Coast is not exempt from this problem. The country has been wracked with terrible debt...Read More »

Human Trafficking in Germany

A lot is hidden behind Germany’s seemingly clean, white curtains. In an economically prospering nation, criminal activity should be extremely low. And it mostly is. In fact, Germany is under the top 20 of most peaceful nations in the world. Nevertheless, a lot of illegal...Read More »

Illegal flows in the US

Because of the mass shootings that have occurred in the US in the past few years, more than 20 states have passed new laws regarding gun proliferation, but the problem was that these laws were not preventing gun traffickers from obtaining guns. To get around...Read More »

Trafficking: In Brazil

Brazil, for being a large country facilitates trafficking in general, and to the border with many countries offers the most varied piracy and illegal trade in drugs, weapons, bodies and persons. Drug trafficking, for example, is characterized by revenues obtained through the sale of these...Read More »

Illegal money-flow in Switzerland

Known cases of illegal “trafficking” (if you may say so) in Switzerland is cross-border tax evasion. Though it might not sound as severe as drug or human trafficking, it still costs governments around the world a fortune, as one recent event that started a few years...Read More »

How do epidemics affect France?

After Ebola in Africa this past summer, a new mortal spreading virus appeared in South America : the Zika virus. A lot of epidemics also...Read More »

Science and research in Germany

Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, NIH – those are the big names when it comes to scientific research.Today, the whole world looks to the United States when trying to find answers to the most pressing scientific questions. Whether it is NASA for astronomy, Silicon Valley for the IT...Read More »

Brazil and the chaos in public health

Right now, Brazil has been experiencing a Zika virus outbreak, and the whole country mobilized to fight against the mosquito that transmits the disease.

In January 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) said the virus was likely to spread throughout most of the Americas by the...Read More »

Switerland and the Zika virus

Switzerland has encountered first confronations with the ZIKA virus, as two Swiss travellers were infected during their visit abroad. However, those travellers were treated immediately – therefore preventing the spread of the virus. As you may (or may not) know, the virus does not only spread over mosquito bites, but also through...Read More »

Health and disease prevention: an American insight

As for the rest of the world, health is a crucial concern for the United States. Epidemics, diseases, viruses, and pollution are difficult issues to handle at the same time, but the United States also brings help to other countries,...Read More »

World economy: what about Brazil?

The Brazilian market may be affected by the recent changes in the Chinese economy in two ways. On the one hand, the fall of the Chinese stock market would increase the perception of risk in the international market, already shaken by the crisis...Read More »

French economy

2015, just as every other year since the subprime crisis, ended on a rather negative note for the global economy. Amid disasters such as the Chinese stock market crash, France did not escape the downward trend. With an unemployment rate exceeding 10%, public debt of approximately...Read More »

World economy: in the US...

“China is the world’s second-largest economy next to our own. They are a huge trading partner, and our two economies are incredibly intertwined,” Robert Mittelstaedt says, dean of Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Although the US economy is...Read More »

World economy: in Switzerland...