An Education Scandal in Brazil

The National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) is a test developed by the Ministry of Education to check the competences and skills of students who completed high school. The test consists of four multiple choice tests with 45 questions each, and an essay. The Enem has a number of functions. The exam is used as a national college entrance examination of a number of public universities. With the note Enem, the student can enroll in the Unified Selection System (Sisu) system created by the government to select students for public institutions of higher education. The candidate may choose two graduate students from several Brazilian institutions in all Brazilian states.

In 2016, with the approval of the PEC 241, which limits public spending (on education, mainly) to leverage the Brazilian economy again, and the high school reform proposal affected the population in such a way that made her break into many public schools that reside Enem. This fact damaged many students who took place in the race. A total of 191,014 Enem candidates are affected by this decision, which represents 2.2% of the total of 8.6 million applicants.

According to the Ministry of Education, students who have been harmed by occurrence will retake the race on 3 and 4 December. The publication caused a stir on social networks among students who find it unfair that some candidates should take the test later.

– Djamilly R.