An ancient tradition in the UK

Halloween in the UK can be traced back to the Celtic traditions and festival called Samhain. This traditional festival has been replicated to the modern day Halloween which is celebrated around the world.

Halloween is now the only socially acceptable time for young children to accept sweets from strangers, whilst dressed up. Costumes traditionally are scary, with children covered in sheets, with eyes cut out, however, many young children these days go as popular fiction figures. I personally saw many young girls dressed up as Wonder Woman and a lot of children as Spiderman. Perhaps, the scary tradition is becoming gentler amongst the youth.

Halloween caters for a specific demographic, with families and young people taking advantage of the holiday. Teenagers use it as an excuse to get together, dress up and party. However, the holiday is not generally celebrated with any spiritual significance, except by those still practicing a Celtic based faith. Halloween has become extremely commercialised yet the spirit of the holiday is celebrated due to the autumn atmosphere and aesthetic which it belongs to.

by Issy K.