American holidays

Drapeau USIn the United States, although most Americans celebrate Christmas, the way to celebrate the winter holidays depends on the culture and religion. Instead of wishing, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” everyone says, “Happy Holidays,” so as not to offend religions or be incorrect about what some celebrate.

holus2Christmas starts very early in the US. One or two months before, shops already start selling Christmas decorations, and many of the radio channels play Christmas songs. It’s is getting more and more popular and celebrated each year. One very famous Christmas tradition is Christmas caroling, done by many every year all around the US; for example, at the Ford Theater in Washington DC.

For the New Year, one crazy but very popular thing to do is to go to Times Square, in New York City. Every 31st of December, one million Americans gather at Time Square to wait for the next year. Although time seems to pass slowly there because, to participate, one has to wait at least 8 hours, Time Square is the place to have a happy new year!

by Hugo B.